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Wooooowwww. Holy frick you’re still having to deal with nonsense from those other people >.< That really blows

yeah im gonna go unclog it in a minute, since apparently unclogging a toilet is toooo hard so let’s just leave it ;p

we aren’t sure, but my roomie and i think this recent toilet clogging (it happened yesterday too) has to do with their overuse of the nice toilet paper we buy…. two days again we put out a pack of six and we’re already down to 3. so nooooooooooooo wonder the toilet keeps getting clogged. they also don’t even bother to tell us, we find out whenever we need to pee and come to a toilet that’s full of toilet paper

accidentally recorded the sounds of my suitemate breaking the toilet (again). this belongs in a museum


Hunter x Hunter (2011) ED #3 - Reason [Yuzu]


today is just wonderful youtube discovery after wonderful youtube discovery


advice to all boys

ok if you’re looking for a sports anime with girls please do NOT chose sekai de ichban tsuyoku naritai……………….. yes it’s female wrestling, but it is a strictly fanservice anime with plenty of gratuitous boob and ass shots, lots of moaning noises, and compromising positions. so don’t watch it thinking you’ll get a cute anime about cool girls wrestling….. but hey if you’re looking for fanservice it’ll be right up your alley


Free! Eternal Summer ED Theme:

FUTURE FISH Solo Version - Ryugazaki Rei

Included as a bonus for pre-ordering Free! Eternal Summer Character Songs Vol. 1-5 at “Tower Records" before 13 July 2014.

Haruka | Makoto | Rin | Nagisa | Rei

Credits: rangerkimmy (I was informed this is the original source, so yeah, the credit goes to her. Please do inform me if I was wrong so I could credit the original uploader).

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