tsukishima is the love of my life and we’re engaged 

i’m so mad bc game grumps put a warning on one of their trauma center videos since there was stuff relating to suicide in it (a very reasonable thing to warn people about) and all these asshole going “i’m never watching gg ever again bc theyre just sjw shits now!!” like really 

Persona Protagonists
Persona: Mysterious Nerd
Persona 2: Rebellious Nerd
Persona 3: Emo Nerd
Persona 4: Outgoing Nerd
Persona 5: Nerd Nerd


nozaki&! or sakura&!, if you want

psst it’s transparent


this is so important


you’ll never guess what I ship the most in gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun…


the best thing about animal crossing: catchphrases

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